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Bee Movie

December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

A Bee to C
Recently buzzing into theaters, DreamWorks newest animated film, Bee Movie, has taken America by swarm. This time around, comedian Jerry Seinfeld has joined in on the action as co-writer, producer, and voice-over actor. Humorous as this new production is, some might find it to lack the certain buzz needed to really make it great.
As the name implies, Bee Movie is the story of a recently graduated bee named Barry Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) and his adventures in New York City. Prompted to join the ever-fluctuating labor force at Honex, the hive’s biggest honey-making corporation, Barry and his friend Adam (Mathew Broderick) prepare for their life-long jobs. Barry, longing for a different way of life, teams up with three “Pollen Jocks.” These nectar-collectors decide to give him a crash course in their all-important duties outside the hive. All goes well until Barry is accidentally launched into the busy streets on a tennis ball. Separated from his new friends, Barry is unexpectedly caught in the rain and forced to take shelter.
While waiting to go home, Barry meets human flower shop owner, Vanessa Bloome (Renee Zellweger). Captivated by her kindness, Barry decides to talk with her, even knowing that he would be breaking an important hive rule. Barry learns much more about humans from Vanessa, but he is angered by one aspect of their society. In a sudden plot twist, Barry takes it upon himself to sue the human race for their “theft” of bees’ precious honey. With Vanessa’s help, Barry establishes a very promising case. Little does he know, however, that this one issue could escalate into a cataclysmic chain of events—severely altering life as we know it!

For Seinfeld’s first time in animation, he did exceptionally well. The storyline offers humorous outlooks on different aspects of real bee life and their small but influential contributions to both floral and human society. For example, the job board at Honex and the graduation dates show just how fast the life of a bee really goes by. Bee Movie also has a great original soundtrack that captures the light-hearted mood, at least right away.
In the beginning, this movie was as sweet as honey, but it had a few stings later on. Although the plot line was good, it still had room for improvement. The acceptance of the humans to a talking bee seemed a little sudden, with almost no transition. For example, I expected Vanessa to faint when she heard Barry talk, instead of just accepting it so fast. The court scene also had the tendency to be slow-moving and uninteresting at times. Finally, like many other animal/bug related movies, human beekeepers were portrayed as “the bad guys”, which could give the wrong impression.
In my opinion, the beginning was the best part of the movie. It began an interesting story and was home to many of the humorous parts. There was a fast-moving pace in the action, and this continued until Barry met Vanessa. A few of their talking scenes and select parts in the middle of the movie seemed a bit lengthy. At the ending, the story was wrapped up well, but it just seemed to lack as much developed plot as other movies of this type.
Despite any bad points you can see, Bee Movie’s good points still overtake the few quirks. With a selection of humorous aspects, well-animated characters, and music choices, Bee Movie is definitely another good film in the DreamWorks lineup. In my opinion it may not a must-see movie or one to watch over and over, but it still deserves 3.5 out of 5 stars. This film serves best for a younger audience, but also with a few jokes that older kids and adults would find funny too. Given this, I believe it is a movie that the whole family could enjoy, at least the first time around.


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Joshua Beebe

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