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Walt Disney's Pocahontas

September 18, 2010
By IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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"Moshimo anata kanarazu no naka de ai... ai to issho ni anata no kokoro soshite tamashii."

(translation: If you fall in love.... Love with your heart and soul.)

So my cousin and I were watching the Disney movie, Pocahontas when she points out how Pocahontas calls the willow tree "Grandmother Willow". I told her that Pocahontas dosn't really talk to the tree. She imagines the tree has a face and talks to it to fill the in her mother's place. She gives plants and animals human characteristics and names because of the trauma of losing her mother. Over time she has come to beleive her fantacies are real and fails to realize she is dealing with a serious psycological problem. Although, little does she know that her fantacies lead her to the romance between her and Jon Smith, only to end with him sailing away without her because she cannot leave her imaginary friends behind.
The next thing I realize is when Pocahontas is singing about nature and stuff she says "Paint with all the colors of the wind..." and "Sing with all the voices of the mountain..." Of course everyone knows these objects have neither of these abilities. Once again this is one of her psycological fantacies. She really should get that checked out by the village shawman...
Next thing. In the scene where the Ratcliffe and his men park their ship on the shore, they start throwing shovels and pick axes around and shooting off guns and arrows. Being a children's movie I'd imagine they'd consiter the health risks of throwing tools around like that for it could influence small children into acting violently.
And lastly when Jon Smith is at the waterfall and Pocahontas appears, he points his gun at her. He is clearly about to shoot her yet she just stands there like a deer in headlights. It's as if she's thinking, "If I stare at it for a long time it might get scared and run away." Or maybe even "I'll stand here and look sexy so he won't shoot me." I found all these things quite humerous. Just something to think about the next time you you watch the movie Pocahontas!

The author's comments:
Hahaha! I decided to write a funny reveiw for a kind of serious movie. Makes you wanna watch Pocahontas now, huh?

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