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Drillbit Taylor

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Drillbit Taylor

“Drillbit Taylor” begins showing the lives of two geeks who are preparing for their first day of high school. They are bullied on their first day and befriend another geek, getting bullied too. For protection from the bullying they come up with the idea of hiring a bodyguard. They end up hiring a homeless man played by Owen Wilson who just wants to make enough money to move to Canada.
This movie is a comedy with some funny jokes and Owen Wilson in my opinion is a good, funny actor. I usually enjoy films Wilson is in and that was a factor in deciding to see that movie.
It has many themes just like any good novel. One would be the fact that people always have good in their hearts. Even after Drillbit Taylor steals from his employers homes, he does the right thing and returns what his other homeless friends stole from their homes. Another theme in the movie is that it is always possible to better ones situation. Even a homeless person can work and try to get back up on their feet and make a living and have a new beginning.
This movie highlights the difficulties that some kids go through in high school including bullying and judgments people make in high school. This movie might not have the best actors or content but it shows the trials and tribulations of teens in high school. If you are looking for a good comedy with some deeper content and are a fan of Owen Wilson, you should definitely watch this film.

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