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Pretty in Pink

December 22, 2009
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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"Pretty in Pink" is a 1980's, teen classic about Andie, a unique, morally righteous girl who lives on the poor side of town with a lot on her plate; that includes getting good grades, working at the record store, and trying to find her dad a decent job. Finally, things seem to take a turn for the good when she ends up falling for Blaine, a sweet guy who lives on the rich side of town. Their relationship seems to be going great until everything goes south when Blaine's preppy friend Steph tries to break them up. Things get even more complicated when Andie's lifelong friend, Duckie, decides to confront his feelings about her. He wants to tell Andie that he loves her, but that task becomes even harder when he finds out about Andie and Blaine's relationship. So, he also tries to break them up. With Steph trying to pull Blaine away from Andie and Duckie trying to pull Andie away from Blaine, the only person that can help Andie make any sense of this is her gal pal Iona. Even with Iona's help, things become more complicated with the prom in view. What's a girl to do?

The wonderful acting talents and comedic timings of Jon Cryer, Annie Potts, Molly Ringwald, and the rest of the talented cast really makes this a real blockbuster of comedic proportions. The late, great John Hughes, who directed, wrote, and produced this classic, is one of the main reasons why this movie is the blockbuster that it is. With his impeccable balance of drama and comedy, John Hughes really shows how talented he really was. He even makes high school look kind of bearable. Bottom line: "Pretty in Pink" is a classic for every generation of teens to come. With it's wonderful mix of comedy and drama, you'll wanna relive the perils of high school again and again. Enjoy!

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