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New Moon

December 4, 2009
By Writer24 SILVER, Acton, Massachusetts
Writer24 SILVER, Acton, Massachusetts
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I looked forward to New Moon for a long time, since I was a fan of Twilight and after seeing the movie decided to read all four Twilight Saga books. After reading them, I couldn't wait for New Moon. But when I finally saw it, I was quite disappointed.

Along the way while reading the book, I would think to myself "This scene would be awesome in the movie", and a lot of times, the scenes I chose in my mind were actually taken out of the movie entirely which was a huge disappointment. Some of these scenes that I'm talking about included the scene in the book when Bella is on the plane talking to Alice. It was entirely cut out of the movie and they show you a plane to satisfy that it happened and move on.

Of all the things that they took out of the movie, it particularly annoyed me that the movie was still quite long, but instead of good scenes actually taken from the book, they embellished on action scenes from the book or made fight scenes where they weren't before. I thought they did this way too much, especially because I hate violence, and wasn’t really looking to see a violent movie when I went to New Moon. I thought the biggest example in the movie was when Bella goes to find out about Jacob’s “mono” and punches Paul. First of all, according to the book this isn’t accurate at all, because Bella would never be dumb enough to punch Paul because she knows he’s a werewolf before she goes there. Second of all, they used that as an excuse to have Paul and Jacob fight which does happen in the book but in the book is implied rather than in the movie I had to sit through the whole scene waiting for it to end. Another important scene that was entirely added to the movie was the scene with Charlie and Harry in the forest and Victoria shows up and attacks them. Another part of the book that was implied violence was the scene with Laurent and the werewolves and that was a whole long scene in the movie. Also, it wasn’t exactly violent, but they felt the need to put more action than was originally written, so they had Bella get on the motorcycle with the weird guy she saw in Port Angeles.

Some other scenes I feel were poorly chosen to be taken out and replaced with violence and fighting (which I understand that this was intended by the directors to keep boys interested in the movie, but still takes away from my enjoyment of the movie). Some of these were not even full scenes taken out, but parts they shortened that I didn't think should be. When Alice got to Bella’s house they shortened this scene tremendously and felt like I expected to hear Jacob hiss “Dr. Carlisle Cullen” when he tells Bella about the phone call, but that line never happens. They just skip and assume Jacob always knew it was Edward. In this scene, I felt the actor who plays Alice doesn’t quite seem like what I would’ve imagined in the book. When Bella meets Quil and Embry, Quil is not quite how I would expect. Also they shorten this scene and the whole scene involving bringing the motorcycles to Jake. I understand that if they had kept in every detail of the book as I’m like I’ve been talking about, the movie would have been hours too long, but I’m only trying to emphasize that the scenes authentically from the book and with more character development were the scenes I would’ve liked to have seen replacing all of the violence. In the book, there really wasn’t intended to be any explicit violence. If the movie had been like the book, and been shortened if necessary and they had kept in the best scenes with the characters and only had the minimal implied violence from the book it would have been a perfect movie.

The author's comments:
I saw New Moon and was extremely disappointed having read the book first so I decided to write this review.

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on Apr. 28 2011 at 11:35 am
Firionel BRONZE, Greensboro, Georgia
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I agree wholeheartedly. I was a fan of the series before it got too out of hand and I was seriously dissapointed by the movie. It was okay, but less than I expected out of it.

GaelicC said...
on Dec. 3 2010 at 12:18 pm
GaelicC, Longford, Other
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I haven't ever read the book but I've watched the movie (and didn't enjoy it) It kind of turned me off reading the books but this sight just screams 'New Moon' and 'Twilight' and how great the books are. You also just infuenced me to read the book! Great review, you backed up your points and created the idea in my head you could do an even better job at writing the script and organising the scenes than they did!! I hope the book really is this good as you make it out to be!

on May. 8 2010 at 9:12 pm
AubreyTRieder PLATINUM, Clark, New Jersey
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unfortunately, i must disagreee w/ ur opinion... but the review was great! it was well written, easy to follow, and was structured. You didn't drag it out but u had great detail.

keep up the good work!! :D

amaranth178 said...
on Apr. 26 2010 at 9:01 pm
amaranth178, Washington, District Of Columbia
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This was a good review. I never read New Moon or saw the movie but the ideas you presented were interesting. I understand completely when you talk about the conflict over basing a movie off of a book versus following a book to the letter. I've thought about that idea myself but I must agree with the fact that if movies were made following every twist, turn, and piece of dialogue (from the featured book), the film really would be too long. Good job

on Feb. 15 2010 at 4:15 pm
DallysGrrl PLATINUM, Middlesex, New Jersey
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I must disagree 2, but im not here 2 comment on ur opinion of the movie. I loved ur review. I was very impressed. You supported ur opinions extremely well and went into just enough detail. I was so glad that u kept 2 ur point, and u always persuavsively argued ur point! Awesome job!

on Feb. 2 2010 at 1:13 pm
TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
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I have to disagree with you too. I really liked New Moon and I thought it was almost as good as the book. Anyways, I thought the added violence was good because there is only implied violence (as you said) in the book. Without it, New Moon would have been a pretty boring book. As for the scene with Charlie, Harry and Victoria, they did not get it correct but they needed a reason to explain Harry's death. I don't mean to be overly critical though and I thought you wrote your review well. :)

on Dec. 14 2009 at 3:39 pm
bubbasamantha GOLD, Woodville, Ohio
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No offense, but I think I'm going to have to totally disagree with you here. I thought the movie was amazing and followed the book fairly well. Sure, they had to cut some scenes from the book, but I was fine with the scenes that they decided to cut out. I thought the movie went very well with the book, but hey, that's just my opinion!