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New Moon

November 28, 2009
By Jayda Simmons SILVER, Jessup, Maryland
Jayda Simmons SILVER, Jessup, Maryland
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Okay, before I give my input on the latest Twilight craze, I must admit, I am difficult to please. Film being one of my greatest loves, it takes a lot to impress me. I even walked into the theatre to see New Moon as a skeptical anti-Twilight non-conformist. But I opened my mind and watched the heavily-discussed movie that so many teen girls advised me to see. Unfortunately, as I viewed it, I could only find more evidence that proves how much of a failure the saga really is.
First off, the actors are young. Not all young actors are dreadful, I know. But they tend to refer to a "default position" or a signature pose/facial expression. Kristen Stewart, in particular, had this habit. She often gazes at the ground and speaks in a monotone husk. This wouldn't bother me as much if she were in a movie of a different genre. Certain actors are built for certain roles. Stewart is made to be in thoughtful indie dramas. But instead she has taken on the role of the tragically romantic protagonist, Bella, in the Twilight series. Since New Moon is marketed as a Romance, stronger emotional actors needed to be cast.
The dialogue of the movie was also quite empty, leaving the actors with too much room for creativity, something they lacked. The plot has a tremendous amount of potential. I was (and am still) interested in what happens to the the complicated and dramatic characters. However, not on screen. Though Robert Pattinson, Taytlor Lautner and Kristen Stewart all have tons of physical appeal, they are flat in the film.
The soundtrack was my favorite part of the movie. With tunes from Lykke Li, Thome Yorke, and Lupe Fiasco; an impressive atmosphere was maintained throughout the plot. Another decent piece to the New Moon puzzle was the appearance of Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning. They were my favorite actors and the film, never failing to keep a sinister yet attractive smirk on their faces. I only wished they'd have had more meaningful and sharp remarks to make.
As much as I love to be right about things, I was disappointed to find that New Moon was as flat and lifeless as the veins of a vampire.

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