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Goodnight, and Good Luck

October 24, 2009

On the surface Goodnight and Good Luck seems like its only purpose is to inform the reader about life in the late nineteen fifties. But just puncture the surface and you find a deep storyline that makes very clear how censored news is in our world are today. Do not be distracted by the black and white, this movie is as modern as the issues it presents.

News today is censored constantly, the government regulates what we can and can’t show. Instead of an honest report on how the Iraq war is really going. We might see the newest celebrity gossip. In this movie David Strathairn plays a hard hitting, honest journalist. Who is upset by how Americans are being persecuted for being communists. But they are not, the only thing they are guilty of is association. So he fights back.

If you like movies that make you think this is definitely one to checkout.

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