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June 24, 2009
By vegijeni SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
vegijeni SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
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Diney Pixar's: UP, which came out May 29, 2009, wasn't an animated movie for children, but more for adults/teens.
UP's story, is of a boy and girl who's hero is a man who discovered a fossil of a snipe, a large, outdated bird. But, after being called a fake, the man goes back to the island where he found the fossil to capture the bird and says he will never return until he has found the bird.
The boy, Carl, and the girl, Ellie, promised to someday go to the island and build a house there. After the two grow up and get married, you find out Ellie is not able to have children. When they start to save up money for their dreamhouse, things get in the way so they never have enough money. They both grow old and Ellie dies. A boy scout, Russell, tries to help Carl, so he can get his last badge: Assissting the Elderly. Refusing for help, Carl then tells him to find a snipe for him. Carl is ordered he has to go to a Retirement Home but before they can get him to go with him, balloons appear from his chimney making his house float away, so he can finally have his dreamhouse. Discovering Russell came with him they go through struggles once they get to the island. Carl finds out that that his and his wife's hero is still there, looking for the snipe but has been tricked in the past by people looking for the snipe also. He thinks Carl and Russell are there to take the snipe, so he tries to kill them, using his dogs he's trained. Meanwhile, Russell tells Carl that his father always tells him he is a bother always nags him about coming to his boy scout award ceromony.
The movie ends with Russell being awarded the same pin that Carl recieved from his wife when they met, a grape soda top, pinned to his badge.
I, personaly, thought this was the most well done animated movie, Disney has ever done.
But, I also thought that this was a too-deep movie for children, from Ellie not being able to have children, to Russell being rejected by his father.
UP did have its funny parts like when the big head dog uses a squeaky voice instead of the big gruff vioce his master made for him, or when the snipe is discovered on the island and has a craving for chocolate.
So, yes, this is the best animated movie - for adults/teens, but definitetly the most depressing animated movie Disney Pixar has ever done.

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