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Baby Driver Review

March 8, 2023
By Anonymous

Baby Driver Review


                A getaway driver is flying through the streets of Atlanta after his crew just completed a bank heist, evading cops all over the place. There’s tons of action as he drifts through the city with plenty of close calls. Helicopters are chasing him, and he finds two cars identical to his on the road, and as he goes under an overpass, switches places with one of them to get away. This is just the opening scene of the amazing movie known as Baby Driver. This movie is full of heists, chases, shooting, love, and more. The movie is very well thought out as it always keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is to come next.

                The main plot is about a kid (Baby) who steals a car from someone (Doc) and to pay off the debt of the car, he does a series of heists for the guy he stole from as the getaway driver. He was in an accident as a kid that makes it so his ears don’t stop ringing, so to block it out he always has music playing in his earbuds. With this, comes an amazing soundtrack for the movie, with songs like Tequila, and Bellbottoms always keeping you engaged.

                Baby often wears glasses which can add a comedic effect at times, but also makes the character slightly more ominous. There are also a lot of hidden pieces of foreshadowing and other Easter eggs. I have watched this movie several times and each time I find something new. This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time now and I would rate it 5 stars, I recommend watching it.

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