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1978's Superman the Movie review

February 3, 2023
By JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
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So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” - Christopher Reeve

“You’ll believe a man can fly.” Is the tagline for the famous big blue boyscout, Superman The Movie from December 15, 1978, starring Christopher Reeve, alongside the “Godfather” Marlon Brando. With Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, “The Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Time.” 

This two-and-a-half-hour feature in-showing the Man of Steel for the first time on the big screen is known today as the “Godfather of Superhero films.” This 1978 blockbuster paved the way towards the future for the great Superhero films, the film majorly succeeded in showing off how tremendous the genre is. With the action-packed visuals in showing off Clark Kent’s first learning of his powers in the scene of Clark v Train the movements of his legs and feet still push me in disbelief that they managed to do it even now, where it could be done but better with CGI! This picture also gives off excellent and timed jokes as it shows off the stupidity of Lex Luthor’s henchman Otis in almost leading the police to apprehend Lex Luthor, as in its wooed romance, from the very first meet of Clark Kent/Superman to Lois Lane, with it’s fun references to guide them towards each other! 

For the year of 1978, the movie paces itself beautifully throughout the elements of making-up original plot points conveying those plot points through the entire feature, the scene of them explaining “how to destroy this “Superman” and they point at the items that will conceal the identity to take down Superman. 

This blockbuster doesn’t stop at spectacular storytelling, it’ll only pull the intriguement level up to level excellent from the first scene, first line, first sight of Superman and leaving little genius details even, forty four years after release! 

Addends towards nothing but simply greater sums, direction, acting, and scoring of the soundtrack allows generations to expand their dreams. Dreams for creating their own worlds on anything in the film industry and more, expanding on their dreams for filmmaking, becoming a director, acting under great direction, and conducting the soundtracks from this iconic feature! All from the great and original mind of John Williams portraying emotion between the heroics and evil villainy Lex Luthor! Mixing in with that is the great tracks where Superman and Lex Luthor do share a room. The track sneaks in the sinister horn, while the heroic trumpet for Superman! 

Just underneath the two main characters for good and evil, is Margot Kidder, Lois Lane. 

Margot Kidder, cast as the impulsive and persistent celebrity in the journalism world, Lois Lane. Before Superman, it seemed as if her life was of great value. Ordinarily satisfying, from only the acting of Ms Margot Kidder. Acting as the “great” Lois Lane, only gave off clues and details, from not knowing how to spell words correctly like rapist, spelling it with the sixteenth letter in the alphabet twice, and not with only one. Just this simple nod to the comics, and based on Kidder’s acting; only gives us clues that she's a brilliant journalist, but troubled in spelling words. Yet, she’s a great casting choice, giving us the charming presence of Lois Mairam Lane from her first line, first confrontation with Clark Kent and wanting Superman!

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