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The Dilemma

August 2, 2019
By Anonymous

 The Dilemma is a dramatic comedy that proves to be an entertaining roller coaster with plenty of natural charm. The movie revolves around two longtime friends in Ronny and Nick, who are partners in an auto-design firm that has the goal of creating an electric engine for classic muscle cars to ideally create machines that are both good for the environment and the type of cool vehicles that people genuinely want to ride. This dream project of theirs would really aid in helping to jump-start their company and launch themselves into a far better position, so both Ronny and Nick are hard at work in trying to accomplish this goal of making their engine compatible. Although things seem to be going on the right track, it seems that everything is going to collapse when Ronny sees something he shouldn't have. While at a special botanical garden, attempting to figure out the next step of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Ronny sees Nick's wife with another man. Unsure of what to do, Ronny's life begins to get destroyed as he struggles with deciding what the right move is. If Ronny does tell Nick, Nick will have an even more difficult task of attempting to finish their project, which is already hard enough, but if Ronny doesn't tell Nick, then Nick will never find out the truth about his wife, which could be worse for his future. As Ronny attempts to investigate the possible affair, he begins to uncover the secrets that their marriage is hiding. However, in doing so, he realizes that Nick has a few things hidden as well. As their presentation nears, Ronny gets torn apart attempting to figure out what the right thing to do is, and this struggle forces Ronny to do all sorts of crazy things, including breaking into another man's house, falling into poisonous plants, and through it all, Ronny comes to the brim of destroying his whole life, due to how he refuses to share this secret with his girlfriend or anyone else, making this problem as much Ronny's issue as Nick's. 
 The Dilemma proves to be an enjoyable adventure that has plenty of comedy and drama. As the story unravels throughout the duration of the movie, things become substantially more interesting as new details are added that further develop all of the characters. With time, the movie becomes far more elaborate and complex, becoming so much more than just a simple comedy. The relationships between all of the characters are highlighted, and the newly created tension between them is quite intriguing to watch unfold. 


he Dilemma might not be the most sophisticated film out there, but it still manages to possess a cohesive story. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces audiences to Ronny and Nick, as well as their relationship with one another. Although the movie does start off fairly slow, when things pick up, they really start blazing as more information gets poured into the plot. While the middle of the movie does have a few areas that aren't that concise, it does overall strengthen the entertainment level of the movie as a whole, because some new concepts are introduced that really allow the film to be fleshed out. While the ending of the movie isn't really anything that spectacular, it does manage to nicely wrap up the whole movie with a heartwarming end that brings it all together, which is a nice bonus. The movie may not have too many thrilling twists or turns, but the surprises that it does have are brilliantly-timed. 

 The Dilemma has a talented cast that shines throughout. Vince Vaughn is fantastic as Ronny Valentine, and he manages to bring emotion and intensity to the lead role. Kevin James gives a terrific portrayal of Nick Brannen, and his on-screen chemistry with Vaughn's Ronny helps to create an amazing acting duo that is nothing short of a joy to watch. Channing Tatum's Zip may not have the largest role, but it is a fairly important role that he manages to pour humor into to make it that much more immersive for fans. While there are some other notable roles, like Winona Ryder's Geneva Brannen, who's Nick's wife, Kevin James and Vince Vaughn's characters are the true stars of the movie. 

 The Dilemma has plenty of comedy and drama that all aid in making its characters that much more appealing. The movie does offer just about something for everybody, which helps to justify why this movie is a good fit for such a wide variety of audiences. The movie isn't necessarily an absolute must-see, but it is still definitely worth watching. 

The author's comments:

"Great moments come from great opportunities." - Ronny Valentine

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