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The Day After Tomorrow

July 27, 2019
By Anonymous

The Day After Tomorrow proves to be a dramatic natural disaster adventure that explores science fiction concepts to create a tale that feels both realistic and fantastical. The movie revolves around a catastrophic storm that develops and strikes the entire world, resulting in natural disasters occurring throughout the world. Although climatologist Jack Hall does his best to inform the United Nations about the environmental issues facing the planet and how this could result in some seriously severe events, he is largely ignored, and this proves to be a mistake for the entire world. His research proves to be accurate, and a storm, which happens to be so large that it's deemed super, develops and begins to affect Earth as a whole. However, things become very gleam and unfortunate for Jack Hall in particular, because his son, Sam Hall, is trapped in New York, due to how he's there with other members of a club that he participates in through his high school. As the New York area experiences a major ice storm that practically makes it feel like they're living through an ice age, Sam Hall must struggle to survive with his friends, including a girl named Laura that he has feelings for. As Sam is pushed to his very limit and forced to put all his skills to the test, his father must attempt to save his son in New York by trekking through the harsh elements all the way from Philadelphia by foot, but Jack Hall might end up arriving there too late. 

The Day After Tomorrow proves to be an interesting concept that is fleshed-out on the big screen and showcased at its very best. As a whole, the movie proves to be a dramatic adventure that might be one of the best natural disaster movies out there, due to the enjoyable characters it creates and the realistic science it applies to the plot of the film. The beginning of the movie brilliantly introduces audiences to the characters on-screen and sets up the rest of the adventure perfectly. This portion smoothly allows viewers to discover some of the scientific concepts that are about to be relevant and ensures that all watchers are caught up on how the storm that hits Earth truly functions. The middle of the movie marvelously progresses the story along and truly adds onto the story, jam-packing the adventure with more details that do nothing but add to the clever concept in its entirety. The enticing ending of the movie proves to be exhilarating and manages to wrap up the entire story cohesively. Not only is the conclusion slightly heartwarming, but it is just so natural that it manages to be capable of impressing audiences with its natural charm. 

 The Day After Tomorrow greatly benefits from using a concept that should matter to all living creatures and pouring in elements of science fiction to it. In reality, global warming and climate change are serious issues that are capable of creating and strengthening catastrophic storms that can wreak havoc on all portions of the world. Because of this, the movie feels very believable, and it becomes difficult to not imagine this happening in the real world. This allows all of the characters to come to life, and it makes rooting for them that much more seamless. 

 The Day After Tomorrow has a star-studded cast that shines throughout. Jake Gyllenhaal is simply marvelous as Sam Hall, and he brings and emotion to the role, causing him to become a fan-favorite that is very entertaining to watch. Dennis Quaid is terrific as Jack Hall, and his wide range of acting skills are displayed with earnest during this adventure. As father and son, both Gyllenhaal and Quaid combine together to form a formidable acting duo that is awesome in its entirety and aids in elevating the movie to the next level. 

The Day After Tomorrow is a magnificent movie that has majestic visuals, a spectacular plot, and a talented cast that all help to make this movie a natural disaster movie that might be one of the best of its kind. The movie will triumphantly surpass any and all expectations, and it possesses has a story that deserves to be seen. Benefited by its profound message of the dangers of climate change, this movie is absolutely a must-see. 

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"My seventeen-year-old kid knows more science than him." - Jack Hall

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