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June 29, 2019
By Anonymous

 Swingers is a surprisingly charming comedy that explores what life is like in Los Angeles in the 1990s. The movie revolves around Mike Peters, a New Yorker that has just recently moved out to California in an attempt to live out his dream of having a career as a comedian. However, because he has only been here for six months, he still misses the girl that he left behind in New York and questions his decision. His career hasn't been going so well, and he has been unable to move on from his last relationship to embrace a better future. Although Mike is currently not the most fun person to be around, due to his mopey, gloomy outlook on life, his close friend, Trent Walker, tries to show him the benefits of living in Los Angeles, even going as far to take him to Las Vegas to try to have a good time. As a master of trickery and seduction, Trent knows how to get his way and have a good time, especially when it comes to making connections with women, which is something that Mike currently needs some assistance with. As Trent tries to show Mike why he should be more optimistic and get over his last relationship, Mike slowly regains his confidence and attempts to stop himself from making the same mistakes that he has unfortunately make repeatedly for what feels like forever. As Mike does this, he explores the wonders of Los Angeles and why the city is so popular, because it certainly has its charm. After Trent's progress with Mike finally begins to make an impact, Mike begins to forget about the life he left behind in New York when he meets a beautiful woman named Lorraine that seems to be the perfect match for Mike, even going as far as sharing his beliefs on the city of angels, sparking a new relationship that might prove to be exactly what Mike needs.

 Swingers proves to be a hilarious adventure that is packed to the brim with drama and entertainment. With several relatable characters in the movie, there's almost certainly a moment or two that viewers will feel themselves completely relating to. Hilarious in its entirety, the movie knows how to spark laughter and capture the audience's attention. There are plenty of superb scenes and priceless moments that come to mind, especially all of the painfully dumb mistakes that Mike makes in the beginning of the movie that help to truly hone in on who the character is as a person. One of the main constants of the film is that regardless of what's occurring on-screen, it's both dramatic and hilarious, allowing the movie to have the rare ability to perfectly balance between talking about dark concepts in a fun manner while also having a light tone. For instance, despite how Mike questions if he ruined his life by moving out to California, the movie portrays it in such a way that the movie is still capable of causing viewers to erupt with laughter with perfectly-timed jokes. 

 Swingers actually has a well done plot that is enjoyable throughout. The beginning of the movie does a brilliant job of introducing audiences to the characters in the movie, as well as their relationships with one another and what it is really like to live in Los Angeles. The middle of the movie does a marvelous job of progressing both character arcs and the movie as a whole, while also managing to be jam-packed with character development that surely transcends how people view the characters. The enticing ending of the movie manages to touch audiences' hearts while also putting a smile on their faces. The actual conclusion of the movie is lovable and ties back together with the beginning of the movie to create a cohesive story that is sure to please. 

 Swingers greatly benefits from a star-studded cast that shines throughout, and not only do the actors and actresses know how to act comedically, but they also know how to produce drama. Jon Favreau does an unbelievable job of portraying Mike and is able to bring emotion and intensity to the star role. His portrayal is simply magnificent and captures everything and then some that a main character should have. Vince Vaughn does a spectacular job of playing Trent, and not only does he also bring emotion to the role, but he is also able to transform into one of the most believable and realistic characters of the entire movie. He brings spunk, attitude and is able to amazingly contrast with Favreau's Mike to create an awesome acting duo that clicks more often than not. The two actors' chemistry is not to be underestimated and is truly quite the marvel to behold. There are some other notable roles, like Ron Livingston's Rob, but Vince and Jon steal the spotlight and never let go with their fan-favorite characters. 

 Swingers terrifically demonstrates what life was like in Los Angeles during the 1990s in a creative manner that feels fresh throughout. The movie revolves around Mike, a character that is grounded and so realistic that it almost hurts, which allows viewers to feel like they are transported to the movie world and right there with Mike, along witih his mistakes and his success. The movie has aged wonderfully, and it will definitely surpass any and all expectations. This story is a must-see that deserves to be seen. 

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"You're so money, and you don't even know it." - Trent Walker

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