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April 11, 2019
By Anonymous

 Chef is a movie that showcases the intense life of a chef. The protagonist, Carl Casper, who happens to be both a a father and a chef, is forced to cook for one of the most prestigious critics in Los Angeles. Although Carl wants to make an elaborate, creative menu to impress the critic, a controlling owner forces the chef to cook a safe menu instead. When the critic harshly reviews Carl and writes some cruel personal opinions, the chef begins to get mad. When the reviews begin to go viral on Twitter, Carl gets even more furious and gets a Twitter account of his own. Because he doesn't entirely understand how Twitter works, he ends up sending the harsh critic a tweet that was meant to be private, but it ends up being public. The retweet of his goes viral, and the critic then replies again, snobbishly, and that tweet also goes viral. Although it would be best for Carl to not respond back, he ends up replying with another tweet and engages in a social media fight with him by telling the reviewer to come back to the restaurant and try a new menu that Carl wants to cook.

However, the owner of the restaurant doesn't want to serve the fresh menu, and this pushes Carl to the limit. As a result, the chef ends up feuding with the critic about a chocolate lava cake. This eventually leads to a video of him yelling at the critic going viral and him losing his job, forcing him to ponder about what he should do next with his life. In order to spend more time with his son, Percy, Carl agrees to go to Miami with his son and his ex-wife as she visits her father there. While in Miami, Carl decides that he should open up a Cuban food truck to make some money. While opening the food truck, the chef brings his son along and teaches him the values and lessons that come with cooking. After the truck gets cleaned and receives a fresh paint job, Carl, his friend, Martin, and Percy open up the food truck, and, together, they start selling Cubanos. The trio travel to New Orleans, Texas, and more, as they jump start their business. Carl soon learns that this life is much more suited for him than the intense, serious restaurant life and that there is so much more to life than just working for money. 

 Chef is a triumphantly fun movie that manages to combine together a clever concept with well done execution. The movie showcases great people making great food and shows the world the true power and greatness of delicious food. The movie certainly has its own zest, and if this movie doesn't inspire people, then nothing will. The movie seems to be able to genuinely elucidate the entire concept of the American dream and how people can be given chances to start over and do what they are truly passionate about. There's a fair amount of character development in the movie, and it is nothing but a delight to see Carl transform into a better father, who finally knows what he wants to do with his life. This is mostly thanks to a spectacular performance from Jon Favreau, who does a tremendous job playing Carl Caspers and is really able to evolve into the complex character. 

Chef has some comical moments, some dramatic moments, some emotional moments, some delicious moments, and so much more. The entire movie is just one wild roller coaster that is sure to please. Because the movie actually has chefs that make food that genuinely looks pleasing, the movie is able to benefit from having audiences actually want to eat the food on screen, helping to inspire people to try to become their very own chefs.

Chef is able to become a coherent story, simply because it is able to connect the beginning of the movie with the enticing end that manages to conclude everything flawlessly. The conclusion ties up all loose knots and manages to finish everything that the rest of the movie had been building up to in a fabulous fashion. The middle of the movie marvelously progresses the movie along, and it is quite nice to see other major characters be given chances to shine throughout this portion of the film. There aren't really any thrilling surprises, aside from a few, but the movie doesn't really need them, because it just isn't that type of drama. 

Not only do viewers seem to enjoy Chef, but critics also found satisfaction with the film. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an impressive 87%, and IMDb gave the movie a great 7.3/10, which is actually much better than it sounds, but both of those scores don't feel high enough for this fabulous film. However, an outstanding 90% of Google users liked the movie, further helping to demonstrate that a wide variety of audiences enjoyed the movie. 

Chef is absolutely worth watching, since it is a brilliant movie that captures the crude essence of what it means to be a cook.

The author's comments:

"What if I just cook you something?" - Carl Casper

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