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March 31, 2019
By Anonymous

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is an animated movie (and sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph”) that revolves around two arcade game characters named Vanellope von Schweetz (voiced by Sarah Silverman) and Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly). The two are best friends, and they spend most of their time together doing the same routine day after day. However, Vanellope begins to get bored with her life, wanting something new and more exciting to do. Ralph decides to build a new track for Vanellope’s arcade game, but because the track wasn’t an original part of the game, it causes the actual player in the real world to rip off the wheel of the arcade game. This leads to Vanellope’s game getting unplugged. Since Ralph feels like it is all his fault, he decides that the only possible solution is to find a replacement wheel. In order to do this, the duo must enter the World Wide Web, which has been previously banned to the arcade characters. Ralph and Vanellope don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. Their adventures include venturing into various websites that could ultimately ruin their friendship.  


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is an engaging, emotional journey that proves to be quite the adventure. The characters are so compelling that it becomes nearly impossible to not feel their entire spectrum of emotions. The beginning of the movie brilliantly jump-starts the action and seamlessly transitions from the first movie in the series. The middle of the movie magnificently progresses the plot and presents creative obstacles to Ralph and Vanellope. The ending  is both exhilarating and emotional as it perfectly ties up all loose ends.  


Even though “Ralph Breaks the Internet” isn’t very suspenseful and doesn’t have too many thrilling twists or turns, the movie doesn’t need them. The movie is both dramatic and intense due to the complex layers of the adventure. Each portion of the movie aids in crafting a profound story structure. 


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” had lofty expectations in attempting to match the success of the original movie. Luckily these expectations were met. This movie manages to be bigger than the last – and is just as heartfelt. The only flaw is that the plot gets lost occasionally in the internet setting, forgetting what it is really trying to accomplish. However Ralph and Vanellope’s relationship still shines and proves to be just as entertaining and enjoyable as it was in the first movie. The movie stays true to the formula that made the original so popular: it showcases an unlikely friendship surfing through technology in a manner that makes audiences feel like they’re in an arcade game.


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” also succeeds in teaching its family friendly audiences about both the dangers and benefits of the internet and social media. The movie demonstrates the power of the internet in a truly original and creative way. Furthermore, Vanellope gains a larger role which provides a new perspective for Disney fans who can embrace a non-traditional princess role. 


The amazingly vivid visual effects are integral in making all of the characters come to life and help capture the science fiction and fantasy elements of the movie. The spectacular special effects make the world of the internet and the arcade seem both more magical and realistic. 


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” manages to progress the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope in a truly wild adventure that provides a groundbreaking interpretation of the internet from arcade characters’ perspectives. Viewers are transported inside the wondrous World Wide Web. If this movie doesn’t make you want to become an arcade character, nothing will. The movie provides an emotional ride and exciting adventure. This is one movie to break the internet looking for.

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"Shouldn’t it be 'Ralph Wrecks the Internet'?" - Ralph

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