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January 9, 2013
By SoccerGirl11 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
SoccerGirl11 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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Have you ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when you wake up from a nightmare and can't remember where you are or what you're doing there? That's ­exactly what happens to Hank David, except it doesn't go away.

He wakes up in the middle of a train station in New York with no memory of who he is. No ID, no driver's license, only a well-worn copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau to help him figure out his past. So Hank does the ­obvious: finds his way to Concord, Massachusetts, the home of Walden Pond and setting of Walden. As Hank remembers his past, he is getting more than he reckoned for.

It's been said that if someone goes through something horrible enough, their mind will close off the memories of it. Is possibly killing his little sister by accident a horrible enough event for Hank's mind to do just that?

From a crazy guy who eats anything, to a major drug dealer, to a motorcycle-driving Thoreau interpreter, and finally a pretty girl with a voice from another world, the people Hank meets in his quest to rediscover his past will keep you flying through the pages and loving every unexpected turn. Being Henry David is the perfect mix of adventure, thrill, and mystery, with a dash of ­romance.

Although the style takes a bit of getting used to, Cal Armistead will have you captivated. An exciting page-turner, it will keep you guessing what will happen next, even to the last page.

Being Henry David is a entertaining read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventures. It ends somewhat abruptly – and personally, I wish some loose ends had been tied up – but overall, it's exceptional.

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