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ARC Review: Cold by Mariko Tamaki

November 7, 2021
By Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
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Todd was found dead one morning. Georgia has the potential to solve this mystery. Narrated from a first person point of view, Cold by Mariko Tamaki offers alternating glimpses into two characters’ perspectives as they find out how their lives are connected.

How can two people chew gum at once? What happened on that snowy day? Be on the lookout for clues in the most unexpected places. The plot twists are not only really surprising, but they also feel natural and make sense. Even seemingly unrelated events have their own mysteries… 

Beyond the typical people you find in a high school setting (including the quiet and mean kids), the characters are more unique than you might think. As the mystery unfolds, so do the personalities of Todd and Georgia. 

Old friendships are broken, new friendships are made, and as certain interrogations ensue, clues are placed together. Tamaki skillfully sets the pace for this humorous yet suspenseful plot. Furthermore, the simple and effective vocabulary makes the story suitable for many ages, from younger teens to young adults.

Whether or not you’ve seen snow before, you’ll find a fascinating adventure in this book. High levels of mystery and relatable characters make for an engaging story that stays long after you’ve finished the last page. Cold is chillingly memorable.

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