The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

January 31, 2018
By Anonymous

 The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a interesting story that I think most people would enjoy. This book is a story based off a character named Esperanza who grows throughout the story. She starts off as a young girl and the story doesn't introduce her properly but instead introduces you to her later on in the story. The setting first starts off in a apartment where her family lives but after a incident where some pipes were broken and the landlord didn't want to fix them her family moves to a house on Mango Street. This is a upgrade for them but it still isn't the best since the house only has one bedroom and one bathroom and the neighborhood isn't the best.

Even with all of these obstacles Esperanza still finds good friends whose names are Lucy and Rachel. She also hangs out with her smaller sister but not so much with her brothers because they don't talk outside of the house only inside. She even describes them as living in a whole other male world. She later becomes friends with a girl named Sally. She also has another friendship with an older lay who she goes with sometimes to talk to.

After going through puberty and becoming friends with Sally she realizes she isn't a good friend. She repeatedly leaves her to go with boys and is a bad friend. This is probably duets the fact that her father abused of her so she looks for a way out by going with boys. She gets married before the eighth grade. Her husband then doesn't let her go out and she is stuck in her house just like most of the woman in that street.

Esperanza also talks about her grandmother a lot, whose name is also Esperanza. This is the reason why her name is Esperanza and she doesn't like her name because she says it means something sad and it reminds her of her grandmother. Her grandmother was forced into marriage and after that wasn't able to go outside so she would just stare out the window. Esperanza didn't want to end up like her grandma, just staring out of the window. She wanted to explore and have adventures.

Even though at the end she wasn't able to get out of Mango street she said that one day she will and she will take her knowledge with her. She says that she will also help other women that are in Mango street to get out. This is a good book that I think would be more enjoyable if it would have ended with her getting out of Mango street. After all she had to through, abuse poverty and a bunch of other stuff I wished she would have had something happier to end with. Either way this was a fantastic book that I recommend people read.

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