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The Hoopster by Alan Sitomer

January 26, 2018
By SILVER, Sacramento, California SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Have you ever had that one thing you felt like you loved, but dreamed about doing something different. In The Hoopster there is a boy who loves to hoop but has dreams of being a journalist. This novel is a Incredible example of the great work that Alan Sitomer does and i would honestly recommend this to any african american male that enjoys sports .

In this story, Andre Anderson, a young African American basketball player with another dream. Andre is friends with a white kid named Shawn, who thinks that andre doesn’t worry enough on his social life. He doesn’t necessarily worry about picking up girls, doesnt really worry about fitting in either. Instead of letting him be, he puts Andre on with a latina chick named Gwen. After a while Andre begins to care for Gwen and things seem like there going well when he gets a job at the magazine and from that point things go downhill.

At the paper, Dre is tasked with writing a piece on racism. Racism today is still big issue in today’s society. Andre struggles with this piece and tries talking to his boss about not really being successful with writing it, but still tries. Andre is later attacked by a gang of racists. Because of this jumping, andre is hospitalized. Due to the critical condition he is in, his family is unsure of his recover.

I honestly recommend this book to any african american child because it talks about racism, which is still a growing subject in the world. Also because it is a sports book, and let’s be honest what black kid in this world doesn’t like sports. But the more important matter is the racism. This shows that this subject isn’t done yet. This book is a great example on what racism should be learned and more focused on with today’s youth. I believe this book has the potential to be a book that is required to read by school teachers to students.

This novel is amazing. An instant JAW DROPPER! It makes the reader think about the a bigger idea on racism and the main character is much likes teens today. Still trying to find that passion and excitement in his life and trying to figure the rest of the world out.

The author's comments:

racism is still a huge topic.

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