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The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

January 24, 2018
By HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
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Being ripped from your home on a day where everyone was celebrating you would be a terrible thing, but imagine it was your aunts fault that you became an orphan and your life was changed forever. This was Alyss’s eighth birthday but that wasn’t all that happened. Before having to flee Alyss was the princess and learning to using her imagination. In this land your imagination was your weapon. Landing in Victorian London Alyss was separated from her knight and started begging for money and food as she ran with a group of homeless orphans. As time in this strange world passed  Alyss’s imagination started to weaken, till the day she got adopted, where the only thing left where her memories of home. As her new family tried to shape her into the perfect daughter, Alyss started doubting if Wonderland was real. Finally forgetting being a princess Alyss suddenly is being courted by the prince himself,  but soon she is needed back home and is ripped again from her world. She must then learn to fight and regain her imagination but she feels more at home in Wonderland. As a princess to an orphan to a warrior there had been many outfits showing how she changed. Her dresses showed her very stage in life.



The princess’s birthday dress
Prop: Japperwocky tooth
Elegant and made of the finest fabric was the young princess’s birthday dress. On her 8th birthday Alyss was getting ready to really use her imagination. Happy and joyful could explain the day but even more when Dodger, Alyss’s Knight, gave her a jabberwocky tooth necklace. Wearing this dress Alyss was carefree and foolish.
The orphan’s blouse, trousers and coat

Prop: singing flower
Worn out and filthy are good ways to describe not only this outfit but this life. The princess was now a dirty London orphan begging for food and losing her imagination. She did what she could to being food in for her group of kids. Making a flower sing and distracting a butcher all brought in plenty of food for the group.

Daughter of a rich family
Prop: Alice and Wonderland book
Not quite as elegant as her being a princess but still a step up from dumpster diving in the allies. At this time Alyss is wondering if her past life was real or not. As everyone told her that it was just a foolish dream she had only a scrap of hope left when she met Lewis Carroll, an author who took an interest into her story. Once the story was finished it was noting of poor Alyss’s tale. She had finally lost all hope of her homeland.

The Wedding Dress
Growing up in London Alyss was courted by man norblem men but now as glamorous as the prince. Even as sweet as he was Alyss still felt a longing for a boy she doesn’t even know existed. Finally agreeing to marry the prince to please her adopted mother, Alyss was dressed up in a bejeweled wedding dress and a while mask. Choosing to wear the plane mask to her engagement party was her saying she was every woman of the kingdom.

Warrior’s Uniform
Prop: Jabberwocky tooth
Back to her home Alyss still feels weird. How could this be her queendom after being away for so long? Alyss being reunited with Donger and given such a responsibility of retaken the queendom made her nerves and there wasn’t much time for her to regain her imagination. Ruling her home will take lots of hard work. Can she do it?

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