The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard by Kiera Cass

December 31, 2017
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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The Prince:
The most nervous one in the room when the Selection was announced was Maxon. When confronted with love by a young French princess, Maxon is not sure he wants it, let alone from a stranger. Cass told this story of the first few days of the Selection from Maxon’s point of view. You get the see the control the King has on Maxon, how he, an only child, still walks in the shadow of his parents. The girls, as was suspected, where chosen by the King for a reason. Some for their wealth, connections, or simply their pure beauty. Sprinkle in some fives to make it look like a random pick, as they were meant to be throw away. Cass ended this story with America deal to become Maxon’s friends, but if given the extended edition goes on to Maxon eliminating the first eight girls, and the bet he made with America. How uncomfortable he was at eliminating the hopeful girls, broke your heart and he did not want to, but saw no future with them. The real question is this book worth the read? Yes, as it shows his and America’s encounter from the other side (which is always nice) and makes you see the good guy Maxon truly is.

The Guard:
Aspen Leger was a guard at the palace. Drafted he had four years to serve the palace, before being released from his duty as a two. From a fatherless family, Aspen was the oldest and his family relied on him to make ends meet. Being upgraded to a two was a blessing in disguise, as with his paycheck he can supply for his family, and for him to be alone and grow into the young man he ought to be. The only problem? He was in love with one of the Selected. Starting the night after the Halloween ball and ending with after the rebel’s attack where America ran into the woods, told by a guard’s perspective. If Cass wrote this book to make you on Team Aspen side, she did an alright job. It is no denying that Aspen loves America, and through this short time period the only mention of Aspen feeling something towards Lucy was the protect her during the canning, as he was shocked when she considered him a friend. Cass dives a little into the military, not as much as one would like, only that now and then Aspen herd things from the King he should probably not know.  Was this book worth the read? Not really, as it does not change your mind about anything, nor any new insight (besides the one nice thing Aspen does for Woodwork’s family) on the matters than happened during that time.

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Team Maxon, or Team Aspen? 

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