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Eclipse (Twilight, #3) by Stephenie Meyer

February 10, 2017
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Is it really so soon? Just yesterday Bella felt that Edward had landed in her life, when she fell in love with him, when she found out who he truly was. It felt only hours ago when he left, how dead she felt, doing reckless activities just to see if he would notice. How she fell in love with her best friend Jacob, who was her sun, and was there when she needed him most. minutes ago was the night that Edward almost killed himself (thinking she was dead) and Bella rushed to his side to save him, promising the Volturi that soon she would become one of them. Carlisle promised to turn Bella once graduation was over, but Edward promise to change her himself if she does one thing: marry him. With the horrors of her young parents’ marriage, turned to ruins, marriage was the last thing on Bella’s mind. With graduation just around the corner, Bella troubles will soon be over, or more likely, just stating.

With Edward back, Jacob could not be friends with Bella. Even though she missed her sun a lot, Edward made up for it. Bella was on full lock down by Charlie, allowing Edward to visit for a few hours in the evening. But what her father did not know is that Edward spent every night with Bella, keeping her safe during those nights. Still Bella has not said yes to Edwards’s proposals, either of them. For Edward, like the good gentlemen, he is, wants Bella to go to university. They have already both accepted to the University of Alaska, so that Bella has an excuse not to be seen until December, and using the weather an excuse for her white ice skin. Still Edward still picture Bella in Harvard, Yale or Dartmouth, living in a dorm, having human friends, he practically begs Bella to wait off her change for a year or two, enjoy all the last human’s experiences she can still have. Her mind is made up, but secretly hoping that Edward would change her, as an act of undying love. Bella decides one last human experience she wanted, one that only Edward can give her, something that would make their love forever, or at least that is how most teenagers see it. With deaths in Seattle peaking an all-time high, Bella fears for the life of her immortal family, as they prepare for war, against an old revenge red head who would not leave Bella alone.

“Sure, sure” was Jacob’s line whenever Billy asked him to do something, a line Bella now uses on Charlie. Bella chooses to be Switzerland, not taking sides in this vampire vs. werewolf fight, choosing to love Edward and be friend with Jacob no matter what. Too bad Jake does not want to be “just friends”. “It makes me happy. But I could say the same thing about Charlie, Jacob. You’re family. I love you, but I’m not in love with you”. Bella is welcomed back into the Quileute reserve, being one of the pack again, going to meetings and learning a new version of “The Cold Ones” story. “It was easier being with my Quileute friends than I’d expected.” With the Cullen’s on high alert all the time, Bella found relief to be with Jake, hanging out and talking, just like old times. “It felt great to be free”.  But Jake went dark, like those times before, when her Jacob disappeared and this new person took his place. Jacob is not quitting though, he knows how much Bella loves Edward, but he also knows how broken Bella was when he left, and how it was him, Jacob, that puts her back together again. ““’Until your heart stops beating, Bella.’ He said. ‘I’ll be here – fighting.’” With Bella heart beats counted, Jacob will have to act fast, as he battles Edward for Bella.

Stephenie Meyer is getting ready for the biggest fight of this series. The final battle. But who is going to be fighting? The vampires vs. the werewolves, the vampires vs. the Volturi, or a mixture of all three? One fight that is going to be certain: Edward Cullen vs Jacob Black. Poor Bella to have two amazing hot guys fight over her, even though we all know who Bella would pick. Sorry Jacob, you might be her sun, but Edward is her life. “I leaned into him, ducking my head under his arm and duckling into his side. It probably felt similar to snuggling when Michelangelo’s David, except that this perfect marble creature wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer”. Meyer kept this 630-page book feeling like under three as she rapid fire, though events, spending detail one on one time with Bella and Edward, or Bella and Jacob, skipping though all the boring average days of school. The best part of this novel? You finally get to hear Jasper and Rosalie back story, and both of them are not pretty. This finally explains why Jasper had a hard time around Bella in the beginning, and why Rosalie hates Bella (and spoiler it was not about a guy *shocker*). Graduation comes flying though, Bella chooses.

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But if you had to chose: Life or Love?

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