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Nobody Does it Better (Gossip Girl, #7) by Cecily von Ziegesar

January 24, 2017
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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"So many books, so little time"

Waitlisted. When typing that word into Google this little blurb from Her Campus (as websites) pop up stating: “Students that the school wants, but who are not as strong as the strongest of the candidates are put on the waitlist where the likelihood of being admitted is small, but not impossible.” Small, but not impossible, but when your school is Yale, even being recognized is a feat. For Blair it was never a matter of getting into Yale, but when. Even though she was waitlisted, she still has no doubt that she would not get in. Even if they did reject her, at least Nate and Serena would not go without her, right?

Graduation is on the countdown! Kati and Isabel spend the book planning a spa weekend on their senior skip day for their entire grad class with the rule: No boys allow, written in their sloppy cursive. But do not fret, there are plenty of boys around now, especially with the new hit band around The Raves, staring Dan on vocals (but for how long), a certain blonde as the guitarist's girlfriend (even though they never met) and a big boobed freshman as their groupie (can you say double team?). For Blair thought it was all about her Nate, who after all this time is the only one who claims her heart.  Still how long will this last, as Nate is staying on a twenty-four-hour high, there is only so long Blair can take. And what about Vanessa? Has she finally given up on Dan, or does she still believe her best friend and lover will come back to her. Waitlisted letters are being sent out with either a yay or nah, so Blair’s future is soon to be decided for her.

Blair did a perfect explanation of her life, but more importantly, this book series: “Most of her life had been an endless loop of repetition, filled with the same people, parties, and predictability”.  Could not have said it any better myself B. Cecily von Ziegesar storyline is getting old real fast. There is only a certain amount of times Serena and Blair can fight (and make up), Nate and Blair get together (and break up), and Nate hooking up with Serena. Like either make them all love each other or split them up already. A Major plot point has been relieved (finally) but it took an entire book of fluff to get to that point. Honestly the only reason why I read till this point is that besides this series being my guilty pleasure (sorry not sorry), I just want to see how this series ends, hopping these spoils brats get what they deserve. So von Ziegesar keeps them coming, after all Blair has way more drama to release than that, so bring it.

The author's comments:

Waitlisted, boy problems, best friend problems, the count down is on! 

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