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Project 17

March 2, 2009
By EstherSora GOLD, Woodside, New York
EstherSora GOLD, Woodside, New York
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Six typical teenagers spending the night in a Mental Hospital. For one purpose to: film a movie. The secrets that they discover inside the Hospital will bring them into their past and future.

Derik, a typical high school senior wants more of life than his low-average life of helping his parents with their diner and barely passing high school. He decides to enter into a "real-reality film contest" for a bigger and better picture for his future. He gathers five of the most diverse teenagers in his school and brings them altogether to shoot a taping for the reality film contest during midnight.
The six teenagers just expect to walk around the hospital's hallway discovering traces of the history of the patients who resided there, but what they discover is more than their eyes can bare.
A chilling and suspenseful page turner, the characters and the mystery of a seventeen year old girl named Christine Belle who had once lived in the Hospital brings all six teenagers closer to themselves and each other. They will not leave until they discover the past of Christine's life, their own, and what their future beholds.

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