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My Sister's Keeper

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

My Sister's Keeper
By Jodi Picoult

Thirteen-year-old Anna Fitzgerald was born specifically to be a perfect match for her Leukemia- ridden sister Kate. Anna is called upon to go under increasuingly invasive surgeries to donate her bone marrow, blood, and other bodily tissues to lengthen Kate's life. Now Anna's kidney is needed in order to keep Kate alive, and Anna makes a decision that will shock and divide her family : Anna files a lawsuit against her parents for medical emancipation. Anna's mother, Sara decides to dust off her law degree and represent Kate in the court case.

Picoult skillfully changes the point of view, allowing the reader to hear everyone's point of view, including Anna's self-absorbed lawyer, Campbell, who has a secret of his own. Sara's point of view mainly consists of flashbacks of the family and Kate's illnessand Anna's role in Kate's life, which helps give us insight into the family's history.
This book raises many difficult questions throughout the already contraversial topic. Does Anna have and obligation to her sister? Should she sue her parents? Where should her parents' loyalties lie, with their dying child, or the one fighting for her independence? Where is the fine line between what is considered legal and what is ehtical in a situation? Picoult paints the reader a emotional picture of a family's turmoil and will keep reader thinking about the questions presented long after they have finished the book.

With many shocking twists and turns and a surprise ending, this book is definatly worth a read!

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