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Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (Percy Jackson and the Olympians companion book) by Rick Riordan and

December 23, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Something we all know about the Greek Gods is that there are a lot of them. From the God of Wine, to the Goddess of childbirth, there is a God or Goddess for almost everything. The main ones are the twelve with thrones made on Mount Olympus.  And whom could be a better story teller of these than Percy Jackson? Percy takes the tales of how the world began, to each god and their personal battles, whether it was in war or love. With some side jests, and remarks for the readers, Percy takes each tale and gives it its own unique twist, keeping you captured till the end.

Rick Riordan did an amazing tale with this novel. Filled with short stories you learn a lot about each of the Greek gods, while keeping entertained with Percy’s side quotes. From Aphrodite to the powerful brothers (Hades, Poseidon and Zeus), he tells how the male gods sneaked behind their wives backs, and how the wives dealt with their husbands (especially Hera). The illustrations done by John Rocco were amazing, filled one page for each story, they could be paintings within themselves.  The pictures complemented the story, making the book a perfect bedtime story, or a nice read on a rainy day.

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A perfect bedtime story! 

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on Jan. 1 2016 at 5:46 am
EmmaMayWang GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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This book was amazing. I tore through it just like the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Kane Chronicles. Rick drew in the reader with incredible humour and I totally agree with you, it is the perfect bedtime story.