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Endless Summer (The Boys Next Door #2) by Jennifer Echols

July 1, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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This review is for the second book only.

Summer is a wonderful time of year. No school, no stress, just sunshine days and long beautiful nights. People often lived for those few precious months found in June, July and August.  Lori like one of those people’s lives for those months as that is when she spends her days working next to the Vader’s sons: Cameron, Sean and Adam. Having kissed Cameron when she was eleven, lust after Sean her whole life, finally at her sixteenth birthday had fallen in love with the youngest son and her best friend Adam.

Lori and Adam had “dated” in a way to make their love interests jealous of their fun, love, Instead they actually (Lori, Adam was already in love) fell in love with each other. That was part one of the story, now we got into part two, starting the day after the last book ended. It was Lori’s sweet sixteen and in the evening was her and Adam’s first date. This was their downfall as Adam broke one of Lori father’s rules, forcing him to band Lori from him, and threaten military school. This book is split into Lori’s and Adams view, which you can only tell when you realize why Lori is calling Mrs. Vander mom. This whole book goes through the fights Lori and Adam have of trying to get back together, but pushing themselves further apart instead.

Barf. Thought this book I have been either laughing from stupidity, or throwing up due to all the gross lovey dovey stuff Lori or Adam have been doing/thinking. The whole plot was ridiculous, as it was basing off the issues from book one, which was apparently yesterday. Lori plan from the begging was stupid, flowed up by more stupid that Adam “agreed” to it. Then the big climax, where Adam goes to make or break everything, she summed it up by saying “blah blah blah” (Actually text) as we were seeing it from Adam’s point of view, and apparently he did not care. Very disappointed in the book as it was built preteen fantasy with no true plot or character development.

The author's comments:

Summer of love, or summer of puking over the grossness. 

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