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November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Author: Carolyn Mackler

To begin, Mara valentine the perfect girl who is 17 years old and works at common grounds; the local coffee place. Mara is competing for valedictorian, has been accepted early to Yale, is taking college courses in High School and she is waling on the road to success. Vegan,Virgin,Valentine is about a High School student, who's got too much things on her plate. Mara the over working teenagers, needs to let go of things and need to learn that grades aren't everything in life. V Valentine; niece of Mara is always telling her to lighten up. V is the only one in Mara's life that can tell what's truly going in Mara's life.

The author can definitely connect well with teenage girls. The book connects well all kinds of teenagers. Mara shows the side of the very well behaved, straight A student type of person, but this book also shows the negative of this type of person because on the inside Mara is truly feeling sad because of her college classes. This book not only connects well with a good type of girl but also with the bad type. V Valentine is the total opposite of Mara. V smokes pot, does bad in school and she is considered a boyfriend stealing girl by everyone in the high school. Mara and V, after solving their differences they help each other out. Mara learns how to slow down and listen to the music of life, from V. On the other hand, V learns that life can be all play and no work, from Mara. This book shows how you have to balance work and play by characters Mara and V.

To conclude, this book explains and answers some of the problem is the book The Earth, My butt and other big round things. This book is a great book if you like high school drama and understanding what teenagers face as life goes on. This book is recommended to teenagers because, they connect very well to the book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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