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Looking for Alaska by John Green

October 7, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Everyone is in a group. The jocks, cheerleads, the drama geeks, computer nerds. Some fit into only one category, others might be able to fit in all. But how about fitting in none? That what Miles Halter felt at his normal Florida public school. What made him different was not only did he not fit in a group, but he was obsess with last words. From any author, great hero, to movie stars and scientist, you say their name and Miles know what their last words was before they passed away. Not finding them greatness in his life at the public school, he talked his parents into letting him attend Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama to finish his education. His parents agreed as his dad attend that school. Soon Miles found himself in Alabama and ready to start his big wonderful new journey, which is destine for greatness.

First off Miles meets his roommate Chip Martin who goes by “The Colonel”.  He felt Miles was a plain name, and gave him the nickname Pudge, as Miles was tall and lean, so Pudge seem to fit in the opposite way. From there the Colonel takes Pudge to meet his other friends: Takumi, his evil girlfriend Sara, and the beautiful but mysterious Alaska Young. Pudge falls for Alaska as soon as he sets eyes on her. Yet there is one slight problem. Alaska has a boyfriend named Jake, who lives in another town. While she flirty friendly with Pudge, she makes it clear how much she loves her boyfriend. Yet Pudge keeping going, trying to break through the wall that is known as Alaska, Alaska Young.

The book is divided into two half’s: before and after. It is pretty clear what the main even was as you were reading, but I leave that as a surprise for you. You start off by reading as the days count down. Then there is a break in the book with no words beside the ones saying “after” at the bottom of the page. After that part the book resumes counting up the days since the event happened. Without revealing the event, all I can stay was it struck the character hard, making them almost break and withdraw from each other.

John Green, I am in love with this book! This book won the Michael L. Printz Award, which is no surprise. The plot is not even that different or unique! When thinking back, the book’s plot was pretty common. But the way he wrote it made it alive! I do not know how else to describe it, other than it is the most beautiful book in the world. A 100% must read for anyone over the age of fourteen!

The author's comments:

A beautiful book, one of my favorites! 

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