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Daughter of the Blood

December 17, 2008
By HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
HiddenJulie GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Looking for a new world to envelope your mind in? Ever wonder what it's like to see a prophecy come true? Are you sick of the lack of personality held by good and evil? The let me introduce you to the page turning world of Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood.

Anne Bishop has created a world, no three worlds, beyond the scope of our imagination. In the first world, Terreille, you are pulled into a life of a Weaver, one who can tell the future, named Tersa and the prophecy she is dying to tell, literally. In Tersa's death she tells of Witch, the one witch who will hold to power to rule all the worlds and all the people living there. In the second world, Hell, you meet the Prince of Darkness, Saetan himself, but don't fear he is unknowingly waiting to teach Witch. Finally let me tell you of the third world, Kaeleer, where you get your first encounter with Jaenelle, the heroin of our story. The entire book is only the beginning of Jaenelle and all the lives she affects, but an unforgettable beginning it is. Bishop's writing style is commonly used in fantasy with an utterly unique twist on your emotions. She compels the reader with the descriptive teasers that makes it impossible to put the book down. You will undoubtedly find the emotional jerking the book pervades to make you cry, jump up and down, and yell at the top of your lungs as the characters struggle though the story. In parts of the story don't be surprised to find yourself back tracking and shaking your head as everything that happens in the novel has some significant meaning to the whole. If you continue reading the other Black Jewel books you may find yourself skipping from book to book just wanting to discover every little connection. In fact I lied earlier only saying there was three worlds there is in fact one more world, or kingdom as it is, the twisted kingdom. This Kingdom is not as unknown to you as you think; Anne Bishop has just changed the idea of insanity into an actual place one goes to. Now, I'm getting ahead of myself, I don't want to go spoiling the whole book to whom ever will read this. Daughter of the Blood has the basic good and evil aspect to it with each characters twisted personality that could be seen as both good and evil.

I recommend this book to any person willing to dive into a world that could possibly blow your mind. To make a final note of the amazing aspects of this book is that it is an ADULT BOOK; there are a few instances that would not be found appropriate to all ages. This book is a master piece of fantasy and real world ideas mixed into an explosion of emotion.

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