Fracture by Megan iranda

This summer I read the novel Fracture, by Megan Miranda. This supernatural
fiction thriller has a lot of action and takes place in Maine. One day, a high school girl named Delaney was playing hide-n-seek with her friends from school. They all ran to find a good hiding place. She was running with her best friend named Decker. They were rushing together, then all of a sudden the ice broke and Delaney fell into Falcon Lake! Chaos and panic then fell into place; all you could hear were the ambulance, sirens and crying. Delaney was supposed to have died; in fact when they pulled her out of the water, she was dead. But a real miracle happened when she finally got to the hospital; she was conscious. Everyone was so glad, but at the same time they were confused. She stayed in the hospital for about two months, then went back home. Life wasn’t normal again. She had bad injuries in her brain that stuck with her for the rest of her life. Delaney had a hard time sleeping. When she tried to sleep, she would experience pains in her head that felt like there was pulling, tugging or buzzing. After her accident, she goes into a depression about her relationship with her mother and best friend. Her family and friends try to support her but she doesn’t know what to do. Read the book to find out what happens to Delaney.


Megan Miranda has written a lot of books that make you think about the what ifs in life. I would really recommend this book because it’s mysterious and kind of funny. At some points of the book it has a lot of action and also a little romance. If anybody else reads this book, I would recommend you to reread parts of the book if you get confused, because it makes a lot more sense when you understand what happened.

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