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Something Borrowed

December 21, 2007
By Anonymous

Recently, I read a book that I enjoyed entitled "Something Borrowed." The author of this book is Emily Giffin, the publisher is St. Martin's press, and it was released and published in 2004. The price of this book is $21.95, and it is well worth it. "Something borrowed" contains a rare emotional depth and is guaranteed to hold your interest with every page. Rachel, a young lawyer living in Manhattan, New York, and Darcy her attractive friend who seems to get anything and everything her heart desires out of life, have grown up together in Indiana as the best of friends. On the night of Rachel's thirtieth birthday, everything changes suddenly and drastically. Rachel has always been "the good girl," but when Darcy throws her a party to celebrate her birthday, Rachel and Darcy's fiancée find themselves in bed together after consuming too many drinks. Rachel is mortified and wishes to put the one night stand behind her, but then realizes that is the last thing on Dexter's mind. Rachel then finds herself with an overwhelming dilemma- should she pursue a relationship with the man of her dreams, or avoid a relationship with Dexter at all costs in order to save her friendship with Darcy?

I genuinely enjoyed and loved reading this book. If this book were to be put into a category, or genre, it would be a romance novel. "Something Borrowed" is compelling and uplifting, and will keep you reading for hours. This book contains romance, betrayal, friendship, and an unexpectedly shocking ending. The writing style the author conveys helps to clearly depict the main characters, and the rivalry that is taking place between them. This book can be described as scandalous, and shows how a self-sacrificing girl manages to obtain the freedom she deserves from her condescending, over-shadowing friend that has contributed to Rachel holding back her whole life. This book is very touching and heart-felt and it will not disappoint.

About the author
Emily Giffin graduated from Wake Forest University and the University Of Virginia School Of Law. She practiced law in New York City before moving to London, which is where she began to write full time. She now resides in Atlanta with a husband and two sons. "Something Borrowed" is her first novel, and she has written "Something Blue," "Baby Proof," and "Love the One You're with."

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