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Pendragon by D.J. McHale

December 6, 2008
By Imagine SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
Imagine SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"A thing is not neccessarily true because a man dies for it."

Meet Bobby Pendragon. He's the cool guy of the school, the peacekeeper between the stereotypes. He's the friend of the nerdy guy, Mark, and boyfriend of competitive and athletic Courtney Chetwynde. He has the perfect life--the perfect future. For now. Everything changes when Uncle Press barges in with some interesting news that will change the existence of Bobby Pendragon, and the rest of Halla, forever. Pendragon must come to terms with who he is, what his role is in the scheme of things, and he must set things right with only the guidance of Uncle Press.

As the story progresses, he learns exactly how things have to go, and what it will take for him to EVER see his family again.

I really liked this first book in the Pendragon series for its suspense, and how fast it is to read. D.J. McHale creates characters that are easy to relate to, easy to love, and hard to let go of.

So, I'd suggest this book especially to Sci-Fi readers, and also for those that like a story within a story. But overall, I think that D.J. McHale presented a story that could appeal to readers of many different genres, in a way that eventually makes you question the universe we live in.

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