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Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Sisterhood #4) by Ann Brashares

April 29, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Winter, spring, summer, fall, is there such a difference? The weather does change but it does not change you. Tan lines grow white, smiles turned into grimaces yet they do not change who you are or where you are. Our four sisters have experienced just that. With each of them going to separate universities the pants became an all-year round item. Yet because the summer pants became all year round pants problems started immerging. Problems like seeing each other, making friends and school and relationship scares. These are different girls then in the first three books.

Lena got into RISD. After the problems and heartaches she went against her family wishes she got into art school with a scholarship. Now she’s taking a summer classes and trying to work her way up to getting another scholarship to keep her years at RISD going. Yet when a pretty face come around what would Lena do to make him notice her. As her relationship hits high speed Lena is prepared to forget about Kostos and move on. Too bad the past cannot stay where it is. It tends to reappeared when we least expected.

Bee always gets the guy. Even now as she Eric from book one and three are together, her eyes cannot help but wonder. With Eric goes to Mexico for a soccer camp/ visiting family, Bee took a vacation herself. She went to Turkey for an archaeological dig. There she falls in love with the skeletons and the floor. Yet her heart pulls her to another digger who is 100% unavailable. This does not stop Bee though.

Brian finally scores by getting in with Tibby. Even though they have not “done it” yet the ticket has been waiting in Brian’s wallet for months. Yet when a scare happens Tibby sends Brian packing. Now that he’s gone, Tibby cannot help but feels like she made a mistake. Now there’s competition to win Brians heart. Tibby better pull out the big guns for this girl wants to win.

Carmen. Oh my sweet Carmen. Carmen always has been a troubled one. Yet college life at her dream school Williams did not flare her up, but dulls her down. Food has been her only comfort, as Carmen realizes she did not know how to make friends. With freshmen 15 on her Carmen wish is granted when sophisticated Julia demands Carmen to be her friend. Now she is tagging along after Julia who is going to a drama camp, hoping to land a main role. All Carmen is planning on doing is to work on the set. But as we know our Carmen, she cannot help to stand in the spotlight.

Ann Brashares dazzled us with this tale of sisterhood for book one, two and three. This is why she should have stopped there. I did not give this book a bad review, but it is not great. The characters seem too old, washed out, still dealing with high school drama. This is the last direct book in the series and it defiantly was a flop. The ending was great I love how they got all together, even though it was for a sad reason. This is the last we see of Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bee; and I'm happy for I do not think these girls can take any more drama.

The author's comments:
It was not a bad book, but the author should have stopped after the third.

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