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Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead

April 10, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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What could be the worst thing that could happen in the Moroi's community during Christmas? How about a massive Strigoi attract that kills the best dhampir out there? The school goes on high alert bring in more dhampir including mother of the year Janine Hathaway; aka Rose’s mother. Yet the story does not take place at the academy, but a ski resort in Idaho. The ski resort is where the Moroi celebrate Christmas together due to the recent attacks. Sounds fun right? Wrong.

Rose Hathaway is a seventeen year old guardian. As soon as she hit eighteen she will graduate from the academy and get assigned to her Moroi, Lissa (who is also her best friend). Along with Rose, Lissa will have another guardian Dimitri, who is also Rose’s mentor. As we learned in the first book about Rose’s and Dimitri’s inappropriate relationship and how it cannot happen, because they are both responsible to protect Lissa after she graduates from the academy. Yet old feelings do not die easy or soon. With Rose crushing hard on Dimtri, she’s missing someone who would die out of love for her. Mason. With Mason chasing Rose, and Rose along with our new character Tasha (Christian’s aunt) chasing after Dimitri. With that love trinagel not even Christian and Lissa’s happy relationship goes well as things go from hot, to cold real fast. Our other new character Adrian Ivashkov (another royal with a bad rep) seems to mix in just to cause trouble. This is definitely not a place to have a relaxing break.

Richelle Mead once again transfixes us in this Moroi world. This book again gives you glimpse of Lissa’s life from her view. Yet for this part you realize why it’s not always a good thing. With this book it brings out new characters that you need to think twice about. Adrian Ivashkov creates goose bumps on your back, but are they good or bad? Lissa’s and Christians relationship makes you cry out in love for them. No matter what happens with Rose and Dimitri, no matter how cute they are; all I think is pedo. He’s 24, she’s 17. That is definitely a pedo age gap for them. There is an unexpected death at the end that makes you cry out and scream. It’s unfair, it’s cruel. Yet the death also shows you the love the person felt for another. I only wish that someone could have returned the favour.

The author's comments:
Book two out of six: This one really brings out the importance of the guardians, yet the uselessness of the Moroi.

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