39 clues book one:maze of bones by Rick Riordan

39 clues book one maze of bones.
By Rick Riordan

Imagine you were in the most powerful family in history and all you needed was 39 Clues. That is how Dan and Amy Cahill felt. By Rick Riordan author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Will Dan and Amy become the most powerful people in history or will there back stabbing family find the clues first?
In The 39 Clues Book One, it is about Dan and Amy Cahill trying to find the clues to become the two most powerful people in history. In the beginning Grace Cahill, Dan and Amy`s grandma, dies after a long fight against cancer. She gives everyone in the family a choice a: million dollars each or the first clue in the clue hunt. After that Dan and Amy chose the clue in their grandma’s honor and the mansion She is being buried at catches on fire! Amy and Dan find a secret passage way and get out of the house unharmed. In the end, Amy and Dan are runaways after their family tries to take their clue. Will they survive? Will they complete the clue hunt or will their family kill them first?
This book was amazing. It was a perfect read not too short, and not too long. I could not put this book down the book was written perfectly probably Rick Riordan`s best work. This book could easily get five out of five stars just a phenomenal read.

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