The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

The 5TH Wave by Rick Yancey
A Wonderful Book Review
This book was given to me through the public library’s monthly book club and extremely intrigued, I went for it head first. Needless to say it was worth all 400 pages. I also saw on good reads that this is one of the top twenty for teens.

This story follows a teenager girl named Cassie, who has been left orphaned and looking for her estranged little brother after another species takes over planet earth. Not exactly aliens, just the others. They bring torture such as technology cut, birds, famines, disease, and violence in tremulous waves that kill off almost all of the population.

This book is amazingly odd. It is beautifully written, however it lacks substance in some parts. It leaves you almost having to guess the outcome of certain situations. I enjoyed how dark it is, such as when the first sentence in the book is “ they’re coming for us. For all of us.” (p. 4) though her dependency on men sends a mixed message to the reader.

I believe the message Yancey is trying to convey through this book is namely how humans will do anything for survival. All instincts kick in and our better judgment leaves us, keeping us in the tunnel vision of saving only ourselves. How Cassie approached the wounded soldier in the gas station and instead of saving him which she could have well done she shot him out of fear.

Considering the gruesome content inside the book it should most likely be 8th grade level or higher. Otherwise it’s an adventurous book that everyone should give a try.

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