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Esperanza Rising

December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Just a week ago my friend told me to read Esperanza Rising. I looked at it and thought, “What's the point of reading this?” even though the cover was good. I read the back, looked at the cover and read the first page. It was so good that I just sat down where I was standing and began reading again. It was about Esperanza, it was a really sad story.

Esperanza was a very rich girl who grew up in a very nice family. She wore pretty dresses every day in Mexico. Esperanza was really close to her father. She would always play with him. He took her out and taught her stuff that she didn't know or stuff about Mexico. Six years later her father died just a day before her 13th birthday. He was planing big things for her party, so he went out for fishing because he is a fisher. He never did come back. Esperanza was very, very sad. She never thought that would happen to her dad. Since that day he died she never want to change any thing just the way he had left it. Just a week later their house caught on fire. And they didn't only have to move but the moved from the place where she was born. They moved from Mexico to the United States.

If you want to know what the rest of her life would have been with out her dad read and find out.
Here is my favorite quote from the book on the second flap, “Who falls today may rise tomorrow.” The other one is, “The rich person is nicer when he becomes poor. Than the poor person when he becomes rich.”

I really liked this book and I really recommend it and it's cool because it has some Spanish words in it as well.

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