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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

January 26, 2014
By Paigers97 GOLD, Stanardsville, Virginia
Paigers97 GOLD, Stanardsville, Virginia
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Everyone knows the truth. Everyone now knows that there is a world outside the city walls. Everyone knows that whatever is beyond those walls has to do with a person who possibly live over a hundred years ago. A woman with the name of Edith Prior.

Locked away in Erudite headquarters Tris (Beatrice) Prior is about to be injected with the truth serum, in hope that she will reveal everything she knows. However, Tris is immune to the truth serum given to her and chooses to reveal nothing and even lie to protect her friends.

Now that she is free, Tris and her boyfriend Tobias (Four), begin to hatch a plan to escape the Erudite headquarters for the unseen world. Just as this plan begins to form an un-expectant group makes their entry. The Allegiant. A group fighting against disbanding factions that has been put into place by their new ruler Evelyn Eaton.

Even more eager to escape, Tris, Tobias, Uriah, and Christina, hatch a plan that involves breaking Caleb Prior out of jail, escaping functionless guards, and surviving beyond the wall.

What is out there? Are there people like themselves, looking to escape the society that is being formed? Or is there a entire different group of people, just waiting? And the most important question.....

Who will live?

My Thoughts-

This book was, interesting, I found it a little hard to start. But that may have been because I haven't read any of the others since August, so my memory was slightly hazy.

I am going to attempt not to give away too much of the book for those who have not read it yet, but beware there may be things you do not wish to know yet.

The beginning of the book was confusing at first, then I caught up and became un-confused. The love story is as strong as ever, but it has a few bumps at the beginning. After walking into Erudite headquarters willing Tobias seems less than happy with Tris. Hell, I wouldn't have been surprised if he was downright pissed and didn't speak to her for a month.

After all of these romantic hiccups are out of the way, the Allegiant makes their entrance. Now I know that they believe that what they are doing is right. But do they really think they could reclaim the sitting and be any better than Jeanine Matthews, or even Evelyn?

OK, if you have NOT read the book I would encourage you to stop reading right about now, unless you reallyyyyyyyyy want to know.

Outside the walls of the city there lies? a secret compound issued by the government. (Yes, the United States government.) Structured for the city to help make the Genetically Pure (G.P.) from the Genetically Damaged (G.D.) and there are people inside the compound that do not agree with that.

Okay, let me just say, there should be no such thing as a "perfect" person or a "healed" person in the terms of genetics. Everyone is different and that is the way it should be.

I think that was all of my issues. But let me just say, this was one of the saddest books I have ever read in my entire life. I never thought that I could cry so much over a death of a character. But then again I cried in Les Mis (the entire movie from the point when Fauntine died to the very end).

Veronica Roth did an amazing job in making sure her audiences were appeased with the book and where the story went. I would wish to give her a high five for the that. At school it is the only thing that I hear people talking about.

Overall I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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