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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

November 22, 2013
By Jordyn Moniz BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
Jordyn Moniz BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
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Andrew Ender Wiggin; a six year old who will one day save the human race, a guy who can think ahead in battles in order to win and eventually become undefeated. But when the alien buggers attacked earth 50 years ago the military was not quite prepared, so now children like Ender are training to become earth’s new heroes, and hopefully beat the alien buggers. People like Cornel Graff, Major Anderson, and Mazor Rackham, will help Ender prepare for battle, but will Ender win and save the human race? Or will he crack under the pressure that everyone is giving him.
Enders Game, written in 1985, by Orson Scott Card, is a science fiction book. This book includes many different views on modern technology such as their high tech ships and their holographic simulation machines. Although Enders Game may have been written many years ago people are still enjoying this wonderful story today, whether they’re reading the book or watching the newly premiered movie of Enders Game in theatres. There are many ways that the two stories are alike and also many ways that they are different. Many people have watched the movie and never read the book, but the thing they don’t quite know is that the movie left out many of the events that happened in the book.
Ender Wiggin was the third child in his family, which meant that his parents needed special permission in order to be able to have him. Enders older siblings Peter and Valentine were both great, Peter was strong and daring, and Valentine was compassionate and loving. They thought that maybe Ender would become a mix of the both of them, and then maybe he would be the one to save Earth from the Alien Buggers. Even though Ender may have been the third child he proved that sometimes thirds are better than the first children. There are many things that may have differed between the book and the movie. Such as how at the end, Peter had said that he loved Ender, and had apologized to him. In the book they had explained this situation, but in the movie they only showed Peter in the beginning, when they were playing buggers and astronauts, and Peter was choking Ender. This situation proves that even if your siblings may not like you at first they may soon realize that they love you and can’t live without you.
When Ender got his monitor taken out Stilson and all the other kids started beating up Ender and picking on him. In the book it says that they fight on the field but in the movie they fight in the classroom. When Ender fights, he beats and kills Stilson. Ender keeps kicking him, thinking that if he killed him now he wouldn’t have to fight anymore battles and would just win all of then. Soon after Cornel Graff shows up at Enders house to convey the news that Ender is being accepted in to Battle school, but does Ender really want to go? He may have a once in a lifetime chance, but what will happen to his family when he’s gone? Will they forget him? After a private conversation with Cornel Graff, Ender decides to go for the benefit that it may have in the future.
As he’s leaving to go in to the rocket, he’s that last one in, and suddenly becomes the most hated student in battle school. He made some points to the other students like how Cornel Graff may be upright and they are not, proving that he is really smart. Even though Ender may be known as the “know it all”, he still is able to make friends such as Alai and Bean. This shows that even if people get jealous of you they may still be your friends, and maybe you can teach them some thing that you know and they do not. When Ender and everyone else arrive at battle school they soon meet Dap. Dap and Ender don’t get along at first because Ender kept on asking him questions that he thought were silly but meaningful to Ender. Dap said, “I will never salute you,” and soon found his words wrong.
After telling Graff that he has a hard time listening to other commanders, Ender became the leader of the Dragon Army. The previous Dragon Army had never won a battle but Ender proved them wrong. In the Movie they only showed one battle, the one where Ender fight both the Rat and the Salamander Army. In the book Ender won 13 consecutive battles making him and the Dragon Army undefeated. During Enders battle with the Rat and the Salamander army they proved that if a team works together you will win. They did this by protecting Bean in the center of all of them and getting to the other side; because the rules state that if a soldier successfully gets to the other side undamaged their army will win.
When Ender’s done with all his battles, he goes to command school to learn how to command ships in order to defeat the alien buggers. While at command school Ender meets Mazor Rackham who was the one to previously save the world from the alien buggers. Mazor Rackham showed Ender how to command the ships to help him win in battles. Ender started to play a simulation game that would give him battle scenarios and he would have to try to win. The very first time that ender played the simulation game, him and his team were not successful, and the buggers attacked his ships and killed his soldiers. The second time they played, the buggers were all around them and they were not leaving a clear path for Ender and his team to attack. When Petra’s ship needed to recharge Ender and the rest of his entire fleet surrounded her ship. When her ship was charged Ender told Petra to shoot the planet because it would kill all of the buggers. They had no choice. When they figured out they won Ender was so excited, but crushed when he found out that the battle was real. He felt bad that he destroyed their whole planet and was thinking that maybe they should have made peace with them.
Overall my suggestion would be to read the book Enders game before you watch the movie. Sure the movie might leave out some things but then you’ll at least know what happens during the whole story. The Enders game movie includes much life like features with the battle room and the high tech classrooms. The book includes many details letting you see as if you were Ender. So watch and read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, Today!

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