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Plan B

November 20, 2007
By Alysha Solberg BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Alysha Solberg BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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Plan B
By: Jenny O'Connell

This is the story of a girl whose life is perfect. She has straight A's, she has a steady faithful boyfriend, and she has the best friend a girl could ask for. Her parents are a little out there but then again whose aren't. Then she gets the phone call that changes her life forever. This phone call is so completely earth-shattering that I can't even tell you who was on the other line. She was supposed to have an amazing senior year and now it has turned into this. This book is an amazing story. It has everything you could ask for in a great girl book guys, boyfriends and best of all scandal. This book is the insight into a normal 17 year old girl's life with a not-so-normal girl's life. I can really relate to this girl because I also am very excited to apply for college. This book has to be my most favorite book I have read this year. I really enjoyed the author's style it was very provocative and entertaining. I loved this book so much it has inspired me to read many other books by this particular author. I feel that this book is a must read for girls of any age because it is fun, entertaining, and expertly written. It teaches girls how to break the mold in their own way.

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