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3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows by Ann Brashares

October 22, 2013
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Best friends forever? Does that really ever happen? We read about if before with Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget but what happens when they grow up and leave. This is where our story takes us, to new generation of sisterhood of Jo, Polly and Ama. Yet their sisterhood died once grade 8 hit. Now that the girls are going into high school will the sisterhood mend or break off completely.
I did not like Ama that much. She gets an opportunity to go somewhere and do something productive. If your summer is like mine, you would kill to be Ama. Yet in the end I believe she did the right thing. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself and she proved that.
For Jo I had to keep reminding myself that she’s fourteen. For me this book would have made a lot more sense if she was seventeen or even sixteen, but fourteen? I didn't mind the guy. Yeah it’s hard to believe but they weren't doing anything wrong. It was the older girls who would only be sixteen to nineteen smoking and Jo seemed okay with it. Rule for going into high school, don’t do drugs or befriend anyone who does.
Yet my least favorite was Polly. Sweet little Polly was the one I couldn't stand. I believe what she was in this book was too much. I don’t mind girls with her story line, but how it started I wasn't happy with. Also with a book such a quick read and Polly having to share it with Jo and Ama it seemed like the writer had to make Polly do something and that seemed like the easiest option. I believe if we had more background on Polly it would make more sense but with such a quick book it seemed unnecessary giving us a different spin on who Polly was.
If you haven’t finish the Sisterhoods series please do so before you read this book. There are little spoilers in Three Willows about the sisters of the traveling pants. There not major spoiler, for myself I am waiting for the third summer of sisterhood. Yet there is something that you wish you didn't know about Tibby, Lena and Effie. Yet Jo, Ama and Polly are still connected to each other. Watch as they grow and entwine into three beautiful willows.

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