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Abner and Me by Dan Gutman

September 6, 2013
By jackgrimm BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
jackgrimm BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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My Book Review

Abner and Me, by Dan Gutman

This is a very good book, I’m glad I read it.

*****, five stars

It takes place at a little league game between Bobby Fuller’s team and Joey Stoshack. It was played at a little league field in Louisville Kentucky.
Stosh and his mom travel back in time to find out if Abner Doubleday really invented the game of baseball. What they forgot is it was during the civil war era, and Doubleday was a general. But surprisingly, he new nothing about baseball.

Stosh is a baseball player who loves its history. He travels back in time to find out the biggest mysteries in baseball. He found out that Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball in this passage.

Stosh and his mom can’t save Abe Lincolns assassination, so they travel back to the present. Stosh is then playing Fuller’s team again, and Stosh hits a line drive right at Fuller’s head. Then he tags up from third, Frames Fuller for pulling his belt off, and win’s the game for his team. So at the end, it all works out good for Joey Stoshack and his mom.

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