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The Genesis Plague by Michael Byrnes

March 9, 2013
By S.Rajesh GOLD, DURGAPUR, Other
S.Rajesh GOLD, DURGAPUR, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Science is nothing but a refinement of everyday thinking.

The book starts with a mythological story like this:
It is the year 4000 BC in Mesopotamia, modern Iraq. A very strange woman from an unknown land comes there. She unleashes a curse on the men of the area. After a few days she is executed and buried in a cave. But her identity remains a mystery.
Thousands of millennia later, some a team of experts go to the particular cave on a top secret mission to study the contents. They stumble upon the remains of the mysterious woman .In side the cave are many carvings which suggest a totally different theory of creation. But this was not known to anyone else except the experts who went there.
During the Iraqi war, a mercenary unit led by Sergeant Jason Yeager surrounds radical Islam’s most wanted target in this particular cave which sits at the very heart of the Biblical story of genesis. But Jason’s men are ignorant of the valuable contents of the cave.
The core of this razor sharp, action packed thriller is good versus evil as it moves between Iraq and the streets of Boston.
The ignorant mercenary unit goes in hoping to kill the Arab militants. At the same time mistrust develops between the top officers. Once the main leader is captured some of the unsuspecting officers are killed by the Arabs. The unit continues with the searching of the cave but their search releases a horror that no one could have predicted. Is a deadly bubonic plague virus to be unleashed on the world? Or is something miraculous going to prevent it?
Read this absolutely thrilling and nerve chilling book to find more. This book completely grips you and you won’t feel like putting this book down. I promise that those who love to read action packed thrillers are surely going to cherish it.
Happy reading!

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