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the count of monte cristo by ALEXANDRE DUMAS

July 31, 2012
By S.Rajesh GOLD, DURGAPUR, Other
S.Rajesh GOLD, DURGAPUR, Other
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EDMOND DANTES,A YOUNG SAILOR with a bright future working in a merchant vessel is one day appointed captain of the ship.He is falsely implicated by his jealous friends for a crime he did not commit.And dantes gets life imprisonment in a dungeon.As luck would have it an old ,dying fellow prisoner incoherently tells him of a vast treasure lying buried in a cave at The Island of Monte Cristo.dantes impersonates the dead man and escapes from prison.

Starting all over again Dantes finally finds the treasure and becomes a rich man.He dons the title Of The Count Of Monte Cristo and mingles with the elite of Paris.But he has only one aim.That is to take revenge against the three men responsible for his imprisonment.And how he goes about avenging the injustice and harm done to him is the story of this exciting adventure- The Count Of Monte Cristo

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James potter said...
on Aug. 8 2012 at 5:37 am
kudos to rajesh for his superb book review.i feel very interested to read the count of monte cristo on reading this book review.