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The Notebook

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

If you are the kind of reader who enjoys reading romantic novels, the novel The Notebook is the book for you! It shares the feelings of two young teenagers who turn to be your adults, madly in love. There were some disadvantages and they happened to make some wrong turns, in their love life. The young teen stars play out their roles in the move, just as well in the book. The author used a wide variety of precise details throughout the book. Allie and Noah's love was strong and everlasting until she had to move away out of town, but most of all she had to leave Noah.
Ten years went by and Noah still devoted his whole entire heart to loving and cherishing Allie. Although he wrote her a love letter every single day for a year, she never once received one and he never once got one in return. He promised to never stop loving her, and he just so happened to keep that promise. Allie became engaged and realized she did not love her fiancé like she loved Noah. She returned to her hometown and visited Noah. They hung out together for hours and sat in front of the warm slowing fireplace.
As the years went by, they ended up getting married, had children, and lived happily ever after. I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you read it also!

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