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The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

November 28, 2011
By Writomania PLATINUM, New Delhi, Other
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‘The Other Hand by Chris Cleave’ is a narrative tale about a young refugee from Nigeria where, due to oil crisis and the discovery of a mine brimming with the nearly extinguished resource, millions are men and women are made to flee from the village for fail-proof extraction. Trouble comes when the dwellers of the village protest against this unjust use of power and the government, in order to silence the pleas of their own people, order their ‘men’ to kill all residents and make sure no one raises a world acknowledging alarm.
Women are raped and slaughtered; children are slain and men are ruthlessly killed. No one manages to escape from the evil clutches of the ugliest face of humanity, save for two young girls who try to seek refuge with an American couple on a holiday.
The main protagonist of the story, who goes by the name Little Bee is the younger of the two sisters who are eventually found by the barbarians. They strike a terrible deal to pay for the lives of the two girls that the American tourists can’t refuse. But then, they make an equally terrible choice that changes their lives forever…
What follows next is a heartbreaking and tear jerking tale of two women; separated by the awful circumstances of life; who, against all odds, meet again.

The story revolves around Little Bee, a runaway immigrant and Sarah, the American tourist, who meet in Britain, two years after that horrifying incident in Nigeria. Sarah gives Little Bee, a roof to live under, a family to call her own and the love that she deserved in order to make up for that dreadful mistake she had made, two years ago.
But can she undo the loss of an innocent life? Can she bring justice to Little Bee?

‘The Other Hand’ not only offers a first hand glimpse into the ugly world of refugee camps and state induced trafficking; but also offers the readers, a view of the world through the eyes of a girl who fought her way through existence; a girl who, forever will remain with you, right by your side, holding your hand tight, through the tough ordeals of this roller coaster ride that we call, Life.

The author's comments:
One of the best books I've read so far!

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