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Blonde Ambition by Zoey Dean

February 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Blonde Ambition the third A-List book by Zoey Dean shows the lifestyles of five present-day, Beverly Hills teenagers, Adam, Anna, Cammie, Sam, and Ben. Anna Percy recently moved from the Upper East Side of New York City. Ben Birnbaum, Anna's new attraction, appears, then soon disappears once again. Sam Sharpe, daughter of Jackson Sharpe, famous Hollywood director, lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Cammie Sheppard lived with her father, a famous movie agent, and only her father, after her mother died about nine years past.

Anna received an internship at Hermosa Beach, working for Clark Sheppard, Cammie's father. Cammie, when she sees something, or someone, she wants, she will do anything to get it, she is jealous of the relationship between Ben and Anna. Cammie devises a plan to ruin Anna's internship, luckily, she does not succeed. Sam, Cammie, and Adam become part of a love triangle.

If you love the Clique and Gossip Girl books, you will love The A-List Series. Always remember, if you have to ask, you will never be on the A-List.


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