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Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

February 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought about your death? Certainly, you may have. Have you ever fallen in love? Perhaps, it's happened to you. But…have you fallen in love with the source of your death? Perhaps not.
Isabella Swan, preferably Bella, escapes the life she knew in scorching, bright Phoenix, Arizona with her mother, Renée and Phil – the new member of the formerly small family. Bella arrives at gloomy and dull-weathered Forks, Washington: the small town her father is chief inspector of.
School, as usual, is a killer. But, apparently, may other classmates (especially boys) find her to be the one to hang out with. Great. Tht was, until she met Edward Cullen. Edward sat with his adoptive family at an isolated table. With his pale white complexion, gold/black eyes, and velvety voice, he engulfs Bella into his life. Edward and his every action cause Bella to fall deeply in love with him. However, the one thing Bella doesn't know is that this love of hers is only inviting danger in her life.
With suspense, romance, and fantasized action, Twilight is a book that can make readers stay up reading it past midnight.

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