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The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

November 4, 2010
By believeinmexoxo GOLD, Brewster, New York
believeinmexoxo GOLD, Brewster, New York
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Jandy Nelson is definately one of my new favorite authors after reading this book. This book is absolutely flawless from the descriptive writing she does to the phenominal characters she lets jumps off the pages. It is no doubt a knockout! Throughout this entire book, I felt like I was with Lennie the entire time and going through her heartbreak because of the way Jandy sets the scene. But, unlike most authors, Jandy has a creative mind because either at the end or the beginning of each chapter there would be a poem or a conversation Lennie had with her sister, Bailey, before she died. Moreover, the cool thing is that Lennie doesn't just write it on a piece of papaer and tuck it away for her own sake, she writes it on the bark of trees and on the inside of Bailey's closet. The romance shared between the Lennie and Joe make my heart melt because they are so cute together. This book is a dramatic masterpice because of all of the drama that unfold throughout this entire book. The ending, in my opinion, was perfect and made me bawl my eyes out for at least twenty minutes after I put my nook down. The Sky Is Everywhere is currently my favorite book at the moment and will be for a long time. I recommend this book to anybody who has lost anyone extremely close to them especially a sister because it just shows the heartbreak they are feeling with the missing gap in their heart.

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